The Good Oil Cafe

The Good Oil cafe is an established business in the north end of Dunedin's CBD with a reputation for fantastic coffee and food. The busy cafe occupied a long narrow site but had limited kitchen and dining space making it hard to keep up with demand. The solution was to expand the cafe into a neighbouring shop 19th century shop to increase both the dining and kitchen spaces while enhancing the vibe of the original. Cues for the design of the new space came from its history; the existing brick walls were exposed to provide texture, the original stained glass timber entry joinery retained, and the rimu T&G flooring refurbished inbuing the new space with historic charm. This was further enhanced with buttoned banquet style seating installed to 2 sides of space, and the contemporary use of steel referencing victorian dado rails and architraving around the opening connecting the two spaces. A timber panel acoustic ceiling was installed to provide quieter dining in contrast to the energy of the original. The result is two distinct but connected spaces that increase capacity and enhance the customer experience.

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