City Apartment

The project involved the renovation of an existing heritage inner city commercial building into a 120m² apartment with commercial tenancies under, and is an award winning example of historic re-use. The building was in a poor state of repair so required almost a complete rebuild, while still saving as many of the original structure and features as possible. This involved extensive seismic strenghtening of the original brick exterior walls with the structural steelwork exposed to the interior. The brick walls were repointed, sand blasted, sealed and left exposed; the matai T&G floors sanded and sealed. The apartment was extensively insulated and the rotten existing windows replaced with new timber double glazed joinery replicating the orginal. The solid mahogany interior door joinery was salvaged from an insurance office under-going refurbishment, with wall paneling from the same offices repurposed to clad the front of the kitchen island bench.

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